Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The way ahead....

The light at the end of the tunnel..a mere speck though it may be, gives man access to reserves of hope and optimism that he did not know he possessed.

Give a man the chance he never had, and he'll take it.

Give a man hope and he will go on.

Give a man the spark that he had lost, and watch the trail blaze.

There is no hole so deep, no problem so big, and no man so lost that he may not one day climb out, overcome, and find his way home.

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drEaMs said...

whoa..i like what u wrote,so meaningful..take care..

Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot
This is the famous Voyager photo of the earth. The small dot in streams of scattered starlight, artificially highlited so that it can be seen. Our insignificance is beyond our comprehension.